Friday, September 12, 2008

PEACE on EARTH Film Festival includes JOH film: STEP by STEP

Nick Angotti, Exec Director/ Review-Selection Committee, Peace on Earth Film Festival. (Although this announcement was made in August of this year, we missed putting it on the blog...
seems like right after 9/11 is a great time to announce this. CONGRATULATIONS, Micki!!! We hope to have more about you and from you, maybe some trailers in the months ahead?) the good news STEP BY STEP has made it into another film festival in Chicago called PEACE ON EARTH FILM FESTIVAL...


From: Nickpeacefilms, Peace on Earth Film Festival


On behalf of the review committee of the 2008 Peace on Earth Film Festival, I am pleased to announce your film has been selected to be a part of our premier festival. Your film is one of the 39 entries selected of a field of 214 submissions. We look forward to the possibility of your attendance, as we will be having filmmaker panel discussions, a Media Gala on Friday evening and a Special Gala to honor all the filmmakers on Saturday...

Clayton Monica, one of our POEFF Directors, and a member of the Review and Selection Committee, will be calling over the next couple of days to congratulate you personally.

Our deepest regard for you, your crew, pre- and post- production people, everyone involved in the creation of your work of art: we hold you all in high esteem. Most importantly the 2008 Peace on Earth Film Festival Committee thanks you for your steadfast dedication to peace, nonviolence, social justice and the art of filmmaking.


Nick Angotti, Exec Director/ Review-Selection Committee

PEACE ON EARTH FILM FESTIVAL: fostering a new imagination through the art of filmmaking and entertainment--a culture of peace for all humanity.

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