Monday, March 01, 2010

Greg Wilhoit Update with Address

Hello, all. I wanted you to know that I saw Greg yesterday (Sunday) at the hospital. We had a good visit over 2 hrs. Greg is at a new hospital now. You can send him cards at the following address:

Mercy San Juan Medical Center
Greg Wilhoit, Rm. 8507
6501 Coyle Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608

He could get moved, as is often the case, but for now that room number is correct. He is not able to accept phone calls at this point. His parents, Guy and Ida Mae, were there and his friend, Judy.

Greg was a lot better than when I was with him the week before. He could at least talk and was telling a good number of jokes and laughing at my (little) jokes. I read him the message from Ron Keine (and others). He appreciated it very much. He is still dealing with some severe problems so he continues to need your prayers and best wishes. His body sure has been through a lot since the accident last summer. Bill Babbit is back and will be there often, I know. Joy, his friend and assistant, has been seeing him often.

His family all knows how much this group cares about Greg and his well being. I told his mom that we did not want to invade the family 's privacy but that there was much concern. I'm just lucky I live near by enough to see him and pass on your love to him. The family is taking one day at a time. There are many doctors involved in his case. I was impressed with this hospital yesterday.

Greg is eager to get out there and speak again. I told him that he is needed because his voice was in this work was so important! We flipped through a photo album of the many appearances he's made with some pretty famous folks related to his case. It was clear how important his role in this movement has been to him and working along side people like you.

We'll try to keep you updated. Keep him in your prayers.

My best,

Lisa Rea

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