Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marietta Still Needs Our Prayers!

This email was sent to Lisa Rea from Marietta.

As you read you will see that Marietta still needs our prayers. Please ask the pray warriors in your life to pray for Marietta too,

Thanks, In His Peace,


Thanks for your prayers and concern! However, I've just now heard that the news is not so good. The latest follow-up MRI's indicate that the artery in my thigh is more blocked than before, allowing even less blood to get to my lower leg. I'm more than a bit upset about this as it hasn't been that long since they performed the last "rooter-router routine" and now it's even worse! Makes one wonder if the first one was done properly, especially since I've seen the insurance reports on the payments the radiologist received. For that kind of money, my arteries should be free and clear for the rest of my life! GGRRRR!

Anyhow, the surgeon and the radiologist are meeting Tuesday to study the MRI photos and will determine the appropriate protocol. However, it seems unavoidable that it will mean more hospital stays and more down-time at home. Sure hope this won't affect my activities re the TX-JOH!

Thanks again for keeping in touch!

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Connie L. Nash said...

Dearest Marietta and MOM of The Journey...

I don't know yet where to send a card or letter, so I hope you will see this.

There are various comments sent to the "family" email list concerning your well-being, prayer, etc. which I am supposing our dear Bill is sending your way.

Meantime, I want to add my love and well-wishing as well.

How we ALL depend so much on your strength and nurture as well as inspiration from WAY back!!!!!!! Not to mention your limitless capacity for love and endurance.

Plz remember these INNER capacities and gifts and our healthy, necessary dependence upon YOU and these God-Given gifts! Maybe remembering this, if you aren't already, well help you muster up a little EXTRA energy to help pull you back from these tremendous trials.

All my Love & Prayers ONGOING Marietta!!!!

Your Friend and Admirer ALWAYS!