Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Gilles and Terri (This photo was taken as Terri was leaving the Journey caravan in San Antonio, Texas to fly back to Virginia.)

Gilles made this loving birthday post for her:

Today is Terri Steinberg‘s birthday!

I met Terri in 2009 at the Journey of Hope conference in Hamburg, Germany. This was the first time I heard her speak about her son Justin, about her ordeal as a mother with a 20-year old son on death row. We have met again in Washington D.C. and of course during the Texas Journey of Hope.

On the last day of our stay in San Antonio, as the Journey caravan was heading to Austin, Terri had to leave us and go home. She needed to take care of her family and get ready for Justin’s evidentiary hearing that was about to begin in Norfolk, VA. The hearing gave Justin his first opportunity since his 2002 trial to introduce new evidence in court, and could result in Wolfe getting a new trial or in his conviction being upheld.

I would love for Terri to get the best present ever, and hopefully this will happen soon. Everyone at the Journey of Hope feels the same way and wishes her a very happy birthday! Until then, please write Terri a birthday comment below. Why not also show your support by joining Justice for Justin (website), or the Committee to Free Justin Wolfe from Death Row in Virginia (facebook group).

Terri Steinberg’s page on this blog was ranked #5 of all views. Let’s make Terri’s birthday’s post #1 today!

Here's the link (and be SURE to hear/see the Video of Justin's little sister singing like an angel) here


Love from the Journey Family All

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Connie L. Nash said...

DEAR Terri,

How glad I am that Gilles let us know that today is your birthday. I for one will never forget your friendship and the walks we took on another Journey in Texas!

How we pray for you, Justin and the rest of your beautiful family both with petitions and with thanksgiving for your lovely, loving and inspiring presence among us.

Have the best year ever ushered in this day by your New Year birthday.