Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mesmerizing "False Eye Witness" Story

Broadcast on "This American Life" - a terrific radio show with REAL-life stories told better than well - find the audio for free MP3 download soon:

The Story of Mario Hamilton and Carl King (this should be a movie!)

This same episode is to rebroadcast again Sunday 9 pm ET on North Carolina and worth missing some of the grand TV award night to hear...FIND audio here or here

Also find some of this story by transcript here

After four lawyers fail to get an innocent man, Mario Hamilton, out of prison, the prisoner's friend, Carl King, takes on the case himself. He becomes a do-it-yourself investigator. He learns to read court records, he tracks down hard-to-find witnesses, he gets the real murderer to come forward with his story. In the end, he's able to accomplish all sorts of things the police and the professionals can't. Eventually, Carl starts an organization called "Success to Freedom".

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