Sunday, May 29, 2011

NC Racial Justice Act: More Questions & Answers - original Act & Appeal

Add and Isolate CURRENT legislators to call for entire state which are on the Judiciary Subcommittee B - particularly the Repubs. Mention and study Senate Bill 9.

CURRENT status: Last week, NC House leaders rewrote a senate bill into one calling for repeal of the RJA. Senate Bill 9 was originally entitled "Make Synthetic Cannabinoids Illegal" and passed the Senate in that form. That bill was then gutted and replaced with language similar to House Bill 615, calling to repeal the RJA.

Unlikely that should bill passes the House in this form, the Senate would be able to change it.

TAKE ACTION NOW: CONTACT legislators questioning tactics & urging that the Racial Justice Act NOT be repealed = or

Clergy who endorsed EARLIER Letter in Support of RJA See if you know or are in area of any of these leaders and let them know about the URGENTLY needed action here

Come see for yourself. We expect Senate Bill 9 to be discussed by the House Judiciary Subcommittee B next Wednesday, June 1 at 10 am in room 421 of the Legislative Office Building and encourage you to attend.

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