Saturday, April 07, 2012


Looks like it's no longer possible to see FB wall for JOH without being a member signed up and signed in.

SO, how many readers, supporters, contributors, JOH FAMILY or others really want this blog to continue?

If FB is taking the place of a blog -- there's no apparently no need for this one, right? I could use the extra time elsewhere & would completely understand the need to close this one out.

SO -- plz send your feedback...

What a satisfying experience it's been to do this blog for JOH all these years!




CN said...

PS I had good reason to exit FB some time back. Even if I were sign back in -- it would be some time indeed before I could even consider doing so. So it would be hard for me to continue blogging here since now I am unable to see what is posted there on the FB Wall. (Before recently, I've been able to see the page & let readers here know they could do the same.)

Jasmin said...

I'm not sure if all blog readers are actually signed at FB too. I thought it should be possible to have it open and public for everyone

Would be sorry to see this blog closed :(
Thank you for your work Conny!

Joachim K├╝bler said...

Since I haven't (and don't want a) facebook account it would be great to see the JoH blog to be continued.

Happy Easter,


CN said...

Dear Jasmin and Joachim:

Thanx so much for your affirmation & I hope you will keep coming back.

I will consider what to do for a few weeks then -- after your comments...and maybe there will be a few more.

Maybe we non FB users will once more be able to at least see the thread on JOH fb wall again...

We will see.

Happy Easter back!

CN said...

I'll check back around end of month on this issue. If FB issue's not resolved - I don't see a choice but to end this blog in order to keep unity with JOH going as it has been for so long.

I realize that key players with JOH are unable to access accessment, advice or technical skills at this I will wait long enough to discuss this issue with some of the leaders when available after extensive travel.

If anyone from the JOH family want to chat with me -- plz call me at:
828 884-9467 (after April 14 best)

Thank You readers for coming by. Your comments are especially valuable at this time!

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CN said...

I'm not sure I understand the last comment but maybe wholesale printing would clarify or remove comment plz? thanx.

CN said...

After a little more communication with the head of the new Journey website, I understand good things are coming for some connections between Journey's various angles and "family." I am glad to be more patient and wait for suggestions.

CN said...

Joachim, Jasmin and Others:

I'd love to know what would you like to see MORE of in terms of issues and types of stories IF we continue to feature this blogsite?