Friday, April 20, 2012

Use of Violent Video Games as Possible Factor in Hate Crimes?

What with the current court events of the "Norway Killer" of 77 people, let's have a discussion about violent video they and WHEN do they encourage violence? The perpetrator himself said he "prepared" for the killing by watching video games. How might cyber and video game violence contribute to hate and pleasure crimes -- especially with those who may have a tendency, history of violence, mental illness yet also with unpredictable violence fueled by hate news broadcasters? Yet even one of the survivors of the Norway massacre said he played violent video games and said this pastime couldn't be used as an excuse.

Is there really a controversy here? What do you think? IF use of violent games IS one possible factor in violent acts, then HOW might we as society and as parents BEST limit of control the use of the same? WHICH way is best in discussions with children, teens and youth? HOW might we encourage self-control -- self policing rather than depending ONLY on our own surveillance and rules? In what ways are BOTH methods needed and with what age/type of persons?

I hope to add several more items here over time. Also suggest your own opinion & reports in the comments section...

Here's one from pbs -- a kind of general short history with essays -- rather "permissive" in MHO yet needs to be added to the "mix" of our discussions for reality behavoirs, commercialization & the way companies -- including news corporations and their lobby groups/ads/politics such as gun lobbying and increased loosening of gun controls continue to support violent games/movies -- the entire industry -- GO here

As the debate rages over Breivik's sanity, one forensic psychologist says video games can make it even harder for some people to sort out reality from fantasy. Seena Fazel, a consultant forensic psychiatrist at Britain's University of Oxford and other experts add that the motive, in part, may be to understand what distinguishes a mass killer from the rest of us;

Paul Britton,a Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist who is also a founder weighs in on this topic as does Dr Raj Persaud with his question: where does the secret to the Norwegian Massacre lie? beginning "Does the Secret to the Norwegian Massacre Lie Huff Post 2 days ago under Norwegian Massacre Computer Games.

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