Monday, April 02, 2012

Oakland California Tragedy Today: PRAYERS Needed for All involved

This tragedy took place not that far from where I lived and went to college when I was young and not far from relatives and other loved ones. Many of my friends attended Christian schools -- this will affect so so many people of all ages.

I think it's the 1st or 2nd greatest loss of lives in a school shooting since one years ago -- yet follows a killing of several in an Ohio High School cafeteria recently? (Feel free to correct me since I am writing this rapidly just before I need to close the computer.)

I am just sick to hear that SIX people have been killed and others injured at Oikos Christian College this am! Just as any of us at The Journey of Hope would be if this had taken place at any school ANYWHERE. For one thing, many of the folk represented by The JOH are victims' family members or victims themselves.

Simultaneously we MUST keep working not only on healing and protecting yet also toward PREVENTION...

Mental Illness -- like affected the current man to face the death penalty in Oklahoma -- could be the cause? (See the post just below.)

At any rate - how can we all help our society, our world, our churches and groups, our hurting people everywhere, our young and restless and disenfranchised to find a way out of such horror? (Whether afflicted by someone else of self?)

We know that drugs (even addiction to pain pills) and many other overly accepted problems including alcohol for many who have a family history , gambling, debt, heart-sickness, etc. can lead to such unresolved anger and depression if not worse...

How can we help our families, ourselves and each other to prevent such tragedy?

Let's talk about this over time, shall we?

Let's find the great comfort of PRAYER right now for the victims -- victims' family -- as well as the college staff -- and for the officers who had to take courage to do their jobs and now live with this memory -- and for the perpetrator and his loved ones as well who may have been unable to help their loved one no matter what they did.

Sometimes we need to take a little more time with our loved ones or someone upset at a public place -- if safe -- to listen. Yet even God has plenty of murdurous children he couldn't save.

We need to go to a 12-step group if we or our loved one is addicted. (Believe me, I know it is of immense value to each and all -- the 12 steps are beautiful for anyone.

IF we are lacking in friendships -- why don't we make or nurture some really healthy ones? Or maybe we can help someone else to do the same within safe boundaries, of course.

What about starting a conversation group in our community, neighborhood, school or church, mosque, synagogue or congregation about these issues?

Killing people for killing has never worked although removing and preventing the person out of control from hurting others is necessary.

To forgive is not a contradiction yet this usually takes much time and some are only able to do so without emotion. That's better than carrying venemous hatred and resentment into the rest of our lives.

So let's talk and let's pray...and consider the amazing tools and inspiration to be found in The Journey of Hope stories as well as the following places:

World Without Hate (the movement started by Rais Bhuiyan)

The Parent Circle (where parents who've lost children thru the turmoil in Palestine and Israel come together to forgive, to heal, to love and to seek other options to violence.

Look up Desmond Tutu on Forgiveness

What about the 13th Chapter of Corinthians in the New Testament? What about your favorite Psalm or Surah on God's great mercy and forgiveness?
What about KNOWING prayer gets through?

What sites or activities do you recommend?

Thanx for coming by -- keep in touch.

Pray without ceasing...


The photo above was found at "Sunset of the Day" for April 1st 2012

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