Sunday, November 25, 2007



© 2007, Charlie King, Pied Asp Music (BMI)

Saddam Hussein is falling through space

With a prayer on his lips and fear in his face

Deep in the Green Zone they savor sweet release

In mortal defiance he drops through the air

While soldiers like pit bulls baiting a bear

Make him by contrast the hero of the piece

The White House can claim one more mission complete

Iraqis in Michigan dance in the street

Shiites in Baghdad are lynched - eyes for an eye

The body count surges, the war blunders on

They look for a leader who’s ruthless and strong

Like the one they just hung, which begs the question “Why?”

Why do we never grow weary of this?

Condemned by the world or betrayed by a kiss

Guilty or innocent, hit or miss

And who will be next on the gallows?

From bunk beds and ceiling fans, rafters and shelves

Copycat children are hanging themselves

As if it’s a game. Watch what they do.

They do what they watch without judgment or hope

The heart of this world at the end of its rope

Twisting in circles, learning that it’s all true

[harp break - chorus]

Bridge: Idi Amin died at home in his bed

Pinochet passed away old and well fed

When Franco was buried a hero, Nixon sent flowers.

Yeah, Saddam is guilty but please keep in mind

We paid for his sins till he stepped out of line

We’ll support any son of a bitch, but he’s got to be ours

And when will we ever grow weary of this?

The extravagant hand or the merciless fist

You play by our rules or you cease to exist

And who will be next on the gallows?


Quadaffi, Lozada, Uribe

Mugabe, Kissinger, Duvalier

Cheney, Gonzales, Negroponte

Who will be next on the gallows?


NOTE: Charlie was with us on the Texas Journey of Hope 2007 -- our faithful, funny and challenging troubadour -- not to mention a song-writing genius in my opinion. I think he said this JOH was the premiere for this song? In light of all the killing --plenty in the name of Americans -- and plenty to be batted around at various conferences, events and political/congressional gatherings and perhaps decided this coming week -- we at JOH have a few things to say -- especially Charlie with this particular abolition song.

Thanks, Charlie!

Thanks for tuning in...look for more of Charlie's lyrics and how to buy his CDs here.

Also, look soon for a report by Bill Pelke from Italy!

Connie L. Nash

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