As we hoped, Gov. Perdue vetoed SB416 this evening, saying (again!), "It is simply unacceptable for racial prejudice to play a role in the imposition of the death penalty in North Carolina." Please thank her:

In order to sustain her veto, several representatives will have to change their positions. Please contact these representatives and implore them to uphold the Governor’s veto of SB416.  Tell them the new law sweeps racial bias under the rug and denies the historic and ongoing presence of race discrimination present in our death penalty system. It’s wrong and needs to be vetoed.

You will notice a new name! Bradley is a Republican but he has voted for RJA before and agrees with it in principal - stick to talking about how much racial bias exists in the system and that RJA is all we have to address that problem effectively. Do not talk about statistics when you contact Bradley.

And of course, you might contact your own senator and representative to encourage him/her to vote to sustain the veto. (Find your reps at

Allies in Raleigh do not believe the override votes will happen before Monday, but just in case, write or call now!

Thank you (again!)