Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Journey of Hope Entire Poem Magdaleno M. Rose-Avila

Many reminders here for us all--please read with care...

Journey of Hope

It's a journey
for many
it's a story
of hope

it's the history
of strong individuals ...
of a people speaking
in more than one tongue

it's their song
of pain over pain
loss over loss
tears becoming rivers
rivers running off to the sea
washing away revenge

it's a journey of hope
of people reaching out with their stories
with their arms
with their hearts
telling of their memories
letting the inside come to the outside
bringing us closer than close can be

it's a journey of hope
turning our pain into promise
helping us to heal our wounds

smoothing over scars of yesterday

it's a journey of hope
parts of a rainbow
coming back together
showing us where to find
a better time
a better world
a safe house

a place where we can free our spirits
this journey pushes against
this dark blanket of oppression...
opening up the skies
letting the sun shine down on our faces
on our dreams...

turning our whispers
into loud choruses of freedom...
turning our candles
into bonfires
of justice..
turning our actions
into a forest of flowers
this is a journey of hope

a time for dreamers
a time for forgiving
a time for understanding
a time for reconciliation
a time for giving
and for receiving

this is a journey of the heart
a time to find new friends
to travel uncharted roads
to open up new doors
into the future
this is a journey
for life
and redemption...

this is a journey
for them
as well as for us
this is a journey of hope


This poem was dedicated to Bill Pelke and Murder Victims Families

(yet really--what a gift to all of us who will spend time with these healing words!
How about, let's revisit this prayer-poem often!)

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