Saturday, March 01, 2008

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Arnie King's Freedom (posting due to JOH theme: the call for forgiveness)

"Harmful forgiveness is a form of vengeance thinly disguised as an act of virtue. It occurs when the forgiver adopts a superior position, as in the 'good one' absolving the 'bad one' of guilt.

Healing forgiveness is based, not on judgments about virtue and sin, but on deep compassion and humility."
The Boston Globe published a front page story recently about Arnie King, a member of the Growing Together group at Bay State prison. This message summarizes the article, followed by Dan Booth Cohen's comment.

In 1971, when Arnie was 18, high on drugs and alcohol, he murdered a complete stranger, 26 year-old John Labanara.

Arnie King now, after 36 years, is asking for a second chance. He is the first inmate whose plea to be set free has made it to the desk of Governor Deval Patrick, and his attempt has met with the unanimous approval of the state Pardons Board. King's supporters include the Massachusetts Black Legislative Caucus, academics, ministers, and community leaders...

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WRITE a letter in support of Arnie King!

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