Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Greetings from Rome: Bill


I am in Rome with the St. Egidio Community for the celebration for the Cities for Life.

Yesterday I spoke at the Law University in Palermo Sicily to about 150 students. There are Journey members speakers spread across Europe at this time. Bud Welch, Marietta Jaeger Lane, Art Laffin, Curtis McCarty, Shujaa Graham, Renny Cushing, George White, Dave Atwood and myself.

The St Egidio Community is a wonderful group of people dedicated to the abolition of the death penalty and other important causes.

Celeste Fitzgerald and Billy Neal Moore also are speaking in Italy. Elizabeth Zitron, from California is also representing the World Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty of which the Journey of Hope is a founding member. There have been numerous interviews with various media sources also. On Saturday evening the was a large conference which concluded with a demonstration at the Roman Coliseum which was lit up in honor of St. Egidio special celebration in which over 900 cities throughout the world lit up special monuments in various cities throughout the world who are calling for world wide abolition of the death penalty...

This is my fifth trip to Italy for this special celebration. A main goal during these days are to gather signatures from students in high schools and colleges throughout Europe.

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