Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bill Pelke's Birthday Wish


This is why I'm donating my birthday - I don't need any presents...why not use my birthday to do something good for the world?

This is my cause:
Journey of Hope...From Violence to Healing
Mission: Education on the death penalty and how to work on the transition from violence to healing - The Journey of Hope conducts annual 17 day tours in various states, speaking in high schools, colleges, churches, social clubs, and various other venues. Murder victims' family members and those with a death row connection put the human face on the issue of the death penalty as they share their stories.

This is why I care:
All my friends know how important the Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing is to me. Any donation no matter how large or small would make my birthday a joyous occasion. Since the Journey of Hope is a non profit organization all gifts are tax deductable.

Please go ahead and make my day.
Thank you.
Peace, Bill Pelke

This is what I'm asking of my friends:
I'm asking for $20, or whatever you can afford!

LINK to spread outside Facebook: or GO here

Bill Pelke, President
Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing
PO Box 210390
Anchorage, AK 99521-0390
Toll Free 877-9-24GIVE (4483)
Cell 305-775-5823
"The answer is love and compassion for all of humanity"

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