Sunday, November 21, 2010

KAIROS Conference - Bill Pelke

The Conference in Atlanta, Georgia this week was a KAIROS moment for me.

Thank you very much Steve Dear and People of Faith Against the Death Penalty for having the vision, ability and determination to make this moment happen.

It was 20 years ago on the Pilgrimage March from Death Row in Starke, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia, that God touched my heart to dedicate my life to the abolition of the death penalty. It has been a struggle for 20 years and I have often wanted to quit the movement. But as “Sweet Honey and the Rock” sang at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on the opening night of the conference “We who believe in Freedom will not rest, we who believe in Freedom will not rest until it comes.” I can’t quit and I needed this KAIROS moment.

I feel strengthen to carry on. Reconnecting with Sister Helen Prejean, Murphy Davis, Ed Loring, Billy Neal Moore, Delbert Tibbs, Bud Welch, Marietta Jaeger Lane, Karen Tifton, Jeanne Bishop, Renny Cushing, Ken McGill, Bonita Spikes, Marshall Dayan, Dale Recinella and so many others was very strengthening for me.

Meeting Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, Rev. James Brown, and listening to Dr. David Gushee gave great hope to me.

Thank you so much. I am convinced that people of faith must lead the movement to abolish the death penalty. I hope this conference will be repeated over and over again until the death penalty is abolished.

Thank you Steve Dear, Thank you, Thank you. God’s Peace,

Bill Pelke,
President and Cofounder Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing

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