Monday, February 21, 2011

CC McWee Left us on the day of Hearts!

Our dear, funny, organized CC left this earth on Valentine's Day 2011. We had been quite out of touch recently yet a mutual friend was doing her best to re-connect us -- in fact the friend was in process of moving to CC's town to be with her when suddenly our CC was hospitalized.

CC and I took my red caravan TWICE across the country all the way to TEXAS and joined The Journey of Hope there for TWO rich, full, amazingly surprising "JOURNEYS". CC spoke from both perspectives at once: that of a victim family member of a murder (her beloved daughter) and that of the mother of a son executed for a murder.

Every time she spoke, she showed the beautiful photographs of both her daughter and her son. She was not at loss for details. Sometimes we were worried about what she remembered fitting into the short spaces allotted. Yet time and again, her true stories so naturally compelled understanding and emotion - even while she herself could tell these without self-pity.

I would not have been able to keep myself nor my car on track for long without CC's practical know-how. She had worked in a jewelry store and was beloved by many. "The boys" as she called them, at death row, also loved her. She kind of adopted several other "sons" along with regularly visiting her most loved son. She worked tirelessly for other family members of inmates and worked hard for places for them to stay when they visited the prison. We also had the satisfaction of working together to improve what the prison would allow in the Christmas Packages -- some years more than others.

She was chair for a great group of family members and advocates for a longtime during which we had terrific speakers such as key lawyers and through which we experienced bonding and were there for one another during the many sad executions which we vigiled in South Carolina - including that of CC's son, Jerry McWee who was taken by the state a few years ago.

There's so much more to tell and photos that need to be put up on this site as well.

So, let's get out the word that this is one place to add your own comments below or send them to me, Connie, at

Also, you can do what we are going to do, donate some $ to Journey of Hope in CC's name. There's more info available at Journey of Hope facebook and website as well.

CC have a good time seeing your dear son, daughter and dance-partner husband whom you also missed so dearly - say hi for us...enjoy your new life to the fullest and DANCE as you've never danced before.

I LOVE YOU, dear CC!

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