Friday, April 15, 2011

NC: Help out with Glenn Edward Chapman's Pardon

Ed Chapman (R) with lawyer and supporter Alex Cury (L)

Please share this post and/or the following posted information with anyone interested in helping toward NC Edward Chapman's full legal pardon. The pardon was filed over two weeks ago...

We have heard nothing from the NC Governor's Office of Clemency yet, other than that
Edward's pardon materials are under consideration. The Governor Bev Perdue granted clemency to Greg Taylor last August in a matter of weeks, and Edward's case is at least as good, if not better, than Taylor's case. We are hopeful she will make a timely decision.

For those who want to help Edward NOW, it would probably help most to write, call or email Governor Perdue. Even if you've done so in the past, it wouldn't hurt to let her know that we are eagerly awaiting and watching for her response.

Her email is:, and her the mailing address for the Office of Clemency can be found on Ed's new website, which was just launched: or CLICK here

Along with checking out the above NEW website for Ed, you may want to learn more by reading this post OR CLICK here

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