Thursday, June 02, 2011

Help Save NC Racial Justice Act (Suggestions from the Frontline)

Let Raleigh area reporters/media know that there is a Press Conference set-up by/with? Rep. Rick Glazier of Cumberland at 11:30 AM in the Press Conference Press Room LB of the Legislative Complex/Quadrant - check for any changes at the registration desk near entrance of bldg. (See quotes from him below and also in the two articles posted just below)

12:00 PM the Full House Session Convenes (Senate) No telling exactly when the 2nd reading of this repeal/NC RJA will be on the floor (Perhaps a good bet would be to show up at Rep. Glazier's Press Conference and/or 12 PM and ask someone approx how long before the reading?

SB 9 House Committee Substitute - Brown - NO DISCRIMINATORY PURPOSE IN DEATH PENALTY. (Judiciary/B) (3rd Edition) (Bill Name and Purpose Changed)
BE THERE if at all possible and post your comments-links below and/or send to me at: and BOTH

FAX, Call, EMAIL representative(s) BEFORE noon to specify why you find the NC RJA necessary...find talking points on the posts below.

CALL NC Gov. Beverly Perdue's office to register your hopes she will veto the Repeal should the full house vote for it (may happen this week.)

Find recent late-night Wednesday article on status and plz Make Comments end of this article here See full posting of this article below to send to contacts.

"We are human beings, and we are fallible, and we have prejudice, and we have bias," Glazier said. "And we use statistics to point that out in every other aspect of our lives—including employment discrimination cases—every day. But here we sit, with a bill that says you may use that data to prove that your employer discriminated against you so you can get damages, but you cannot use that data to save your life. How profoundly absurd." Rick Glazier NC House Representative from Cumberland County June 1, 2011 during a discussion of the Judiciary Subcommittee of the NC House on the question whether or not to repeal the NC Racial Justice Act.

Watch for more suggestions on this post - coming soon.

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