Friday, July 20, 2012

DENVER in heart and soul

WOW -- sometimes something can really hit HARD....

I'm especially hit in the SOUL by the recent horrific shooting in DENVER for all kinds of reasons: ONE: I was born in Denver and have relatives still there. TWO: I also lived in Littleton, Colorado where the other major killing happened at Columbine High. THREE: I have wanted much of my life (and still want) for my major theme and song to be not only about stopping Rights abuses like the Death Penalty but also about prevention and healing all people concerned with any of these.


So, I'll try to be back here in a few days, but just wanted readers to know of my concerns. Below this post is another which will let you in a few more of my current spiritual saga. Usually, I post about OTHER FOLK'S spiritual it's about time I let you in on mine once in awhile. SOON, I intend to be back to share some of BILL PELKE's recent adventures and photos! Please keep coming back.... 


 Here are a few of the current URLs on the DENVER TRAGEDY: Toshiba home page here Mile High Murder here CBSNews Video here CBS News here Mass Shooting at Batman Showing here Ten Killed at Denver 


(There may be one among those URLs I meant to throw in about the pastor suddenly dying after giving his last sermon...not exactly on topic yet about the unpredictability and apparent fragility of life as we see and know the same. Don't have time to sort these hope they make sense to you. )


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