Wednesday, August 01, 2012

UPDATE from Bill Pelke: Recent Events (Alaska, etc.)

photo credit to Dallas Observer -- story link below.

It has been super to be here with Rais, he is a great man.

Rais gave wonderful talk at the annual fish fry. He did a fantastic radio talk interview with show host Shannyn Moore, who is a friend of AADP and the Journey of Hope. Rais also did a live news interview with the local Fox TV station prior to the “Fry Fish Not People” event.

They picked him up at my house and took him to the salmon cook-off when he was finished. Rais also was a judge for the competition. A television crew came to the event and interviewed him along with Rich Curtner, chair of the NCADP and one of the main organizers of this event.

I have been moved to tears each time I hear him speak. It is so powerful.

Rais also spoke for Kathy’s toastmaster group. He showed a 5 minute film. Everyone made positive comments when it came time for criticism and discussion that always takes place at these events. My Kathy really likes him too.

I look forward to talking strategy for the next couple of days, including a possible trip to Homer, to me the most beautiful city in Alaska. The weather last night was a beautiful 74 degrees, about as warm as it ever gets here in Anchorage.

I have also become friends on facebook with Pierce O’Farrill who was shot and left for dead in Colorado. He has forgiven the killer, doesn’t want the dp for him. Strong Christian man, talking about forgiveness to glorify God.

In fact he is on CNN right now. (As Bill wrote this update)

( Perhaps readers will be able to access this event by going here )

Great story.



Just one article Bill sent on Rais Bhuiyan here

I promise to get posted more of Bill's (and Rais') articles real soon!

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Photo of Dr. Rick Halperin and Rais Bhuiyan in Europe with the SMU/Reprieve project. The photo on top is also from the same trip and project when Rais was interviewed in England.


Anonymous said...

Correction: It is Pierce O'Farrill, not Pierce O'Fannon

CN said...

Thanx so much for the correction...I will try to correct in the post itself right away!


CN said...

Since this relates to people like
Rais held hostage (although this was a very different case) I want to make note of this here as this may give others tips for averting danger. See how this young woman helped end a standoff when she was a hostage:

CN said...

Here's a good interview with one of our Journey Heroes:
Clive Stafford Smith on many of our common issues/interests.
His center Reprieve supported Rais Bhuiyan and Rick Halperin in their efforts to halt the execution of Mark Stroman and more:

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

There is another who forgive: Amardeep Singh Kaleka. Kaleka forgave the gunman who killed 6 people, injured 4 before turning the gun on himself. Kaleka's father was a hero and a legend.

Anonymous said...

There is another who forgive: Robert K. Parker. Parker forgave the gunman who killed 27 people, injured two before turning the gunman on himself. One of the teachers, Victoria Soto is a hero.