Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"How can anyone vote for someone with a kill list?"

A comment underneath one re-posting of a compelling article called Obama's Way reads: "How can anyone vote for someone with a kill list!"

I'm haunted by this line. We abolitionists (of the death penalty) have off and on discussed whether or not extrajudicial execution can be considered a death penalty. Well? If it is the same in ethical terms, we sure have a lot of planned executions/assasinations/drone strikes being planned often 'Obama's Way' -- and no let up in sight. This is not to say the 'other' candidate won't have one as well -- maybe worse? What a dilemma we are in.

Well, Michael Moore has strong, parental words for us to give Obama four more years to straighten things out with the implied belief that our President will give up his kill list and other ongoing problems like rendition and torture at the hand of our US leaders under his supervision. (Or do these leaders run the White House?)

At the best, Moore is giving us a scary warning: vote for the lesser of two evils -- without really saying so and from a perspective perhaps somewhat convincing.

Debra Sweet of World Can't Wait has some strong words for us as well: In her 12 Steps to Overcoming the Addiction to Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils she advises: "Understand that kill lists and more unjust war is the wrong kind of change to believe in." To see all 12 Steps in her piece GO here

So, fellow abolitionists and people of faith and ethics against the death penalty: Is there room in an election for principles or do our choices just boil down to a gamble, a numbers game or the most clever strategy?

Let's talk...

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