Thursday, February 07, 2008

Edward Edward Mpagi (Edmary)

Just think back to Edward's courage and our JOH flexibility--not to mention the gift he was to us from Amnesty! And because of all this, Edward was able
to be present before these thousand plus people and to impart to them the message of forgiveness and healing. We often take such large and small gifts for
granted and fail to recognize what they give us! A
reminder that we at the JOH Texas, 2007 were all part of this for Edward and he continues what JOH has begun all over the world. Let's not take this lightly!

"...I visited University of Torano sharing with them my situation of how I was sentenced to death for murdering a person who was actually alive. They were all amazed--everybody wanted to listen to me.

I went to Borgomanero High School and I spoke to over a THOUSAND students and old people.

I got a chance of visiting Fr. Agostini who during his work in Uganda helped me a lot during my days in prison. I was very happy to meet him..."

See more from Edward at this blogsite

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