Friday, February 08, 2008

Father Finds Peace in Forgiveness

Seven years ago, Hector Black's daughter was murdered after she surprised an intruder in her Atlanta home...
See also Ron Keine's Article in the Comments below as it relates to prevention of various kinds of tragedies as in the story above. If only the right people had been around EARLY ON and able to help Ivan Simpson who was born in a mental hospital...

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CN said...

Personal Article and Challenge from Ron Keine

I was once on a canoe trip with some friends. As we came around a bend in the river we saw that a canoe had flipped over and was pinned under a tree limb that had fallen across the river. We quickly became aware of the seriousness of the situation when we heard a woman screaming that there were people trapped under the overturned canoe. These people, A couple of newly weds, were drowning right in front of 10 or twelve other canoeists who just stood on the banks of this 5 foot deep river and waited for someone else to do something. These were experienced canoeists as they knew enough not to try to go over the fallen limb but to portage .(disembark and carry the canoe around the obstacle) The couple were finally saved but not by any of these cowardly spectators.

One of the most disgusting things in this world is a man whom will stand back and watch another human being being hurt or bullied. Some people have been blessed with Brains, Money, Brawn or Education. I believe that these people have a moral responsibility, A duty to help other people. I believe that a person should stand up for what he believes is right and stand up against what he believes is wrong.

A person should act when intervention is called for and not run away like a coward or pretend that it is not happening. The meek will inherit the earth. That doesn't mean that in the meantime they should be subject to the will of those who would violate them. Where is the honor, the integrity. the courage of a man who would stand idly by and watch some bully beat his wife or kid. Or watch some poor soul getting mugged on the street and do nothing about it. I don't mean that everybody should be brave and help others but The ones whom are capable should.

I have seen bar altercations where a man was beating a woman. Then another man, someone more his size and ability, would step in to prevent her from further damage. Many times the bully will turn on the rescuer and sometimes even the victim will attack him. Still, it is the right thing to do. How can any person of any character of all stand by and watch a woman get her nose broken, her teeth knocked out or rendered unconscious and not do anything to stop it.

Almost every attempt to right a wrong will face opposition when you take a stand against it. It is expected. If it were easy everybody would do it and the wrong would not exist.

Our quest to end the Death Penalty is one of those wrongs which one cannot stand by and ignore. It must be corrected. I have faith and admiration in our abolitionists who have the character and courage and take up the stand up against a justice system that is so blatantly flawed. I have met many of these people in our struggle. I am proud to be a part of it and consider it an honor to be counted among them. These people do not physically do battle in the streets but fight in an manner of their own ability. Whether is is Speaking in public ( according to researchers, a human being's worst fear ) marching in protests, organizing, leading, writing letters or whereever it is they find their calling, They are standing up for what they believe. They are activly doing something about a wrongful justice system while the masses, even though they might agree with the abolitionists, just sit on thier hands and do nothing. How could anyone not respect and admire these activists for doing what they do.

People with the ability to do so should help those whom are less fortunate than themselves. Whether it be the men and women on death rows in this country, The Innocent, The Victims, The Needy. The Homeless. The Mentally challenged or anyone else who is being oppressed, bullied or just plain in need, we have a duty as responsible people to help them.