Monday, July 21, 2008

The Journey of Hope will come to Montana!!!

The Montana Abolition Coalition has invited the Journey of Hope on a speaking tour of Montana October 2-11.

20 Journey speakers have been invited by MAC. 5 exonerees will be coming, Juan Melendez, Shujaa Graham, Greg Wilhoit, Curtis McCarty and Ron Keine. Two death row family members Terri Steinburg (son Justin on VA death row) and Delia Perez Meyers (brother on TX death row.) Cece McWee,who witnessed her son's execution and lost a daughter to murder as well,is coming. So is David Kaczynski, who will tell about his brother Ted's (Unabomber) arrest in Montana and how the death penalty was sought. Murder victim family members include Marietta Jaeger Lane, George White, Bud Welch, Art Laffin, Bess Klassen Landis, Eddie Hicks, Ron Carlson, Eve Malo, J.A. Ziegler and Rev. Walt Everett.

Charlie King and Karen Brandow will join us in support with their wonderful voices and service.

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