Friday, February 27, 2009

Witness to Innocence at Texas Capitol VIDEO

The 24 men who are represented in this video, are members of Witness to Innocence, a national organization composed of exonerated former death row prisoners and their loved ones. These 24 men spent a combined total of nearly 200 years on death row.

Although some of the info in this short video (and related videos you can find by clicking this URL) has already been posted here and elsewhere on abolition sites, y we want to remind our readers - often - that Innocent issues do expose grave dynamics in our US death penalty system.

There is some audio blurring at the beginning of this video - but hang-in for a very clear, sobering and personal statement by a prosecutor who relates his process toward serious concerns with the death penalty - and emphasizes the "personal and moral duty" of the US prosecutor for their choices and mistakes - whether or not the person being tried is ultimately proven innocent without a doubt - which does happen - often, sadly, after an execution. The admittance in the video here is that our system is woefully flawed despite the prosecutor's "good intentions". "Accepting a system that tries hard most of the simply not good enough.")


Again, be sure to look here for a number of other related videos at this above site - including at least one exceptional Journey video.

The personal testimonials by both officials and by these 24 men via a variety of videos and the multitude of well-researched reports at Death penalty Information Center, Rick Halperin's almost daily Death Penalty News & Information site, The Innocence Project and many more valuable resources - are must viewing if you have any lingering questions about the Innocence cases. Of course you can find more of these videos and 'Innocence' reports by clicking on any number of our favorite sites listed in the right column (lower section) of this blogsite: The Journey of Hope.

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