Saturday, April 25, 2009

GEORGIA & Amnesty I/USA to WORLD: JOIN the Global Day of Action for Troy Davis - May 19

Brian Evans/AIUSA/ Amnesty International
04/24/2009 02:39 PM

There is an online sign-up form HERE


As you have probably heard, on April 16 Troy Davis was denied a chance to pursue his case in federal court. A 30-day stay expires on May 16, and an execution could be scheduled for any time after that. He will be filing another petition with the US Supreme Court, but it is unclear how (or even if) that will affect the scheduling of an execution date.

May 19 will be just after the stay expires and we have declared it to be a Global Day of Action for Troy Davis. Groups and individuals everywhere are encouraged to do something visible to demonstrate solidarity with Troy Davis, and to show the state of Georgia that the whole world is watching.

And we hope that any group that organizes an action will register so we can get a full count.

We recognize that time is short for organizing public events, but an execution date could be set as early as late May, so it is essential that action be taken soon.

The latest information and actions for Troy Davis will be on the website, and please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas.

Thank you all for whatever you can do ...

Brian Evans
Amnesty International USA

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