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As execution date is getting close victims' family members speak out about their opposition of the death penalty

In 1994 Matthew Eric Wrinkles his estranged wife, Debra, and her brother and sister-in-law. His execution date is set for this friday.

But while the parents of one of the victims, Debra, want to see Wrinkles die, the mother and two of the daughters of the other two victims speak about their opposition of the death penalty.

Victim's mom, Mary Winnecke:

As a devout catholic, Mary Winnecke has always been opposed to the death penalty.
But her faith got a major test when Eric Wrinkles murdered her daughter.

Wrinkles is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection before dawn Friday at the state prison in Michigan City, Indiana.

In 1994, Wrinkles murdered Winnecke's daughter and son-in-law, Natalie and Tony Fulkerson -- as well as his own wife Debra.

Debra had left her abusive husband when he broke into the Fulkerson's home and shot them dead.

Winnecke told Fox7 she won't be in Michigan City for the execution. She'll be home ... praying for Wrinkles.

Read and watch Video of interview here: Wrinkles Execution: Exclusive Interview with Mary Winnecke

Victim's daughter, Tracy Hobgood:

There were four children and one teenager in the Evansville home at the time of a 1994 bloody murder scene. 15-years after the incident Tracy Hobgood speaks out. She says her aunt Natalie died saving her life.

Tracy Hobgood was 19-years-old when her family was murdered in front of her. She was living with her aunt and uncle Tony and Natalie Fulkerson. Debbie Wrinkles and her children had recently moved in to get away from Debbie's husband Eric. Tracy says she'll never forget the night Eric Wrinkles busted through the back door.

"He ran to back bedroom, that's where he shot Tony then I heard Debbie say, 'You shot my brother'. Then, I heard gunfire and I didn't hear Debbie no more," said Hobgood. That's when Natalie came yelling for Tracy to get out. Eric Wrinkles followed close behind. "We were struggling at the door to get out. She was pushing me out first and there was a gun shot," she said. Natalie had gotten in between Tracy and Wrinkles. "There were a few gunshots before and I felt Natalie start to go down she pushed me out the door that's when I ran down the street."

Tracy escaped with her life but the memories still haunt her. "I hear this countdown until the execution and it just gets harder," she said. Tracy says she doesn't believe in the death penalty. She says she forgave Eric Wrinkles on March 14th of this year. That day she wrote a letter to him to which he replied. She's written him three times since the 1994 slayings. The third letter was sent Monday, Wrinkles will receive it Wednesday evening. Tracy's final words contain a mixture of confusion, pain and forgiveness.

Tracy will join other family members at the prayer vigil at Evansville's Holy Redeemer Church Thursday night and Friday morning.

Read and watch Video of interview here: Wrinkles Execution: Exclusive Interview with Tracy Hobgood

Victim's daughter, Kim Dillman:

Kim Dillman was 9 years old in 1994 when her uncle Eric wrinkles murdered her parents, Tony and Natalie Fulkerson and his own wife Debra.

Wrinkles will die by lethal injection before dawn Friday morning at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City.

When Tony and Natalie Fulkerson got married, Eric Wrinkles was the best man.
The two families were very close.

Kim would often spend the night at the Wrinkles home. Eric would baby sit Kim.
She never saw the side of him she saw on the night of murders.

Debra had left her abusive and drug-using husband and moved in with the Fulkerson's for protection.

Wrinkles broke into the home on Evansville's north side, shot Tony, Natalie and finally Debra.

Kim had been asleep in her room.

Kim is opposed to the death penalty.

For one, she says it's just morally wrong.
Two, Wrinlkes won't be the only person who gets hurt. His two children will lose their father after having lost their mother 15 years ago.

Read and watch Video of interview here: Wrinkles Execution: Exclusive Interview with Kim Dillman


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