Friday, July 16, 2010

Please Pray for My Friend -- from Bill Pelke

Please pray for my friend, Marietta Jaeger-Lane who is in the hospital. Please pray for her husband Bob. I just talked with him. I told him that I would ask friends to pray for her and continue to do so until she is released and comes home.

Just two weeks ago Marietta was in Washington DC at the 17th annual Fast and Vigil, an event she cofounded in 1994, and for the Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing Board of Directors meeting that coincided with the Fast and Vigil. Marietta also cofounded the Journey of Hope in 1997.

Marietta was not going to come but she knew how important it was to me and she came. And now she is in the hospital. I flew Marietta to DC and back to Montana on my personal frequent flyer miles. It had to work out that Marietta could leave one day before the Vigil and board meeting was over, so she could get back to Montana for the wedding of Jennifer Kirby. Jennifer is a dear friend of Marietta’s and also of the Journey of Hope. I scheduled a flight for Marietta that would get her back in time, and it was in good time, but it required three legs, instead of the normal two.

She left DC only a few minutes late, but not time to catch her flight in Atlanta. She ended up spending all day and all night in the airport. It was a terrible night in many ways for Marietta and my frequent flyer miles ticket seemed of no value to officials there offering her nothing. She ended up missing Jenn’s wedding after all that. That night in the airport I am sure that is what started the headaches that Marietta is experiencing. She does have a story to tell about that night.

Bob said they have ruled out meningitis, but are still testing to find the cause of the headaches.

Please pray for Marietta and Bob!!

Please pray for me too because I feel guilty about her trip to DC.

God’s Peace,

Pray for Marietta until she gets out of the hospital and home to Bob.

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Connie L. Nash said...

Marietta update

I called Bob Lane tonight on his cell phone to see how Marietta was doing. Bob answered the phone and I ask him how he was doing.

He said okay, and then I ask him if Marietta was doing any better. He responded by saying she just came home from the hospital, here, talk to her.

Marietta's voice sounded strong to me for which I was very glad. She told me that they had done tests. Meningitis was ruled out, but they still don't know what is cause her constant headaches.

Her blood work was low Marietta said in the red, white, blue, yellow, green and every other color.

She will go back the first of next week and have more tests to see if the blood work improves. If not they will be conducting even more tests to find out what is wrong and how the count can be brought back up to normal.

Marietta has been having some health difficulties since back at Christmas time, so hopefully these test will lead her back to her former healthy self.

I told Marietta of the many calls and emails that are praying for her and love her.

Please keep praying for her and Bob.

I will give another update next week when Marietta should know more.

Thanks again to you all from Marietta.