Thursday, August 19, 2010

Join us on the Journey: Short Message from Bill

"The Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing" was created as a response to helping end the death penalty. That is why "The Journey" was created and "The Journey" will stay that way until the death penalty is abolished World-Wide.

The most important ingredient of the Journey of Hope is “love and compassion” for all of humanity. If you have love and compassion for all of humanity you will not want to see anybody put into the death chamber and their life taken from them.

"The Journey" also promotes forgiveness as a wonderful way to healing. And the Journey highly endorses restorative justice as a way of life.

Led by murder victim family members, we are joined by death row family members, death row exonerees, families of the executed and other activists who march with the Journey Banner.

Come join us on "The Journey". We need your help to carry the Banner.



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