Friday, October 08, 2010

TEXAS: Journey 2010 coming soon...

TEXAS Journey of Hope 2010 October 15-31 Bringing Hope to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin

"The answer is love and compassion for all of humanity"
Bill Pelke, President


WRITE the Coordinator of Communications for this TEXAS JOURNEY GILLES DENIZOT with specific items/questions

Gilles is a Member and Secretary of The Journey of Hope: From Violence to Healing

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NOTE: IF you're going to be (or happen to be) at any of The Journey events in Texas, PLZ let us know - send photos, articles and reports - just email BOTH GILLES and CONNIE at same time. THANX for stopping by!


CN said...

Journey of Hope Secretary said...

Here's the main link

TEXAS 2010 JOURNEY: (left easy to copy/paste and pass on...)

This is the URL for the daily reports before and during our Texas Journey of Hope 2010. At least mine.

Welcome to our Texas Journey 2010 Blog!

This blog will gather all information before the Journey starts, and will keep you all up-to-date during the tour.

Find all details about the itinerary, our 12 speakers – the finest team ever assembled for abolition work -, the events and more!

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CN said...

Gilles, I'll try to keep RE-POSTING as often as possible INCLUDING this note from you in the comments in a more visible way soon.

Take Care! THANX so much...Be Most Well...