Monday, November 28, 2011

Racial Justice Act: NORTH CAROLINA: Urgent Action Needed!

To all of you who live in NC or have people living there. Please call the
office of Governor Bev Perdue(800-662-7952, 919-733-2391) and urge her to
veto today's attempt to overturn the Racial Justice Act - which is in grave danger if indeed it will survive.

If you can, please call your local legislators also. The RJA may seem
cumbersome or unnecessary to some,but it is essential that we do everything
to ensure that justice is handed out with no racial bias.

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CN said...

Mother Jones and other media In state and Out of NC state published some interesting material Tuesday, Nov 29th.

Continue to call Bev Perdue and also add that of course even better than the RJA as it was would be NO MORE DEATH PENALTIES. (Way too flawed on too many counts.)

North Carolina Senate Set to Repeal Racial Justice ActEnacted in 2009, the Racial Justice Act requires judges in North Carolina to commute death row inmates' sentences to life in prison if they find race played …Mother Jones·