Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year Concerns and Reminders

Here is an item which pertains to all of us in the movement to abolish the Death Penalty and Human Rights Movements at large -- who see the growing and grave need for forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace and justice "for ALL humanity" here

You may also want to see the open letter to Rev. Billy Graham which I have just "reissued" for 1st January 2012 and which includes this quote from Dick Barnett:
'The biblical injunction to love one another does not rest on the idea that people are is difficult -- people are hard enough to love one by one and harder still to love by the millions. Yet the injunction is inescapable because creation cannot be sustained without it.'The choice is between love and hate, and hate is death. Hate demands an enemy. The identity hardly matters. Enemies change, but the spirit of enmity and fear remains.'The big lie behind all murder from random street killings, to the efficient ovens of Auschwitz, to the even more efficient hydrogen bomb, is that the victims deserve to die." for the rest, GO here

Last but not least, you may appreciate my post "Heart Food" which may offer a wee bit of nourishment for the days ahead. GO to this topic at the top of the entries for 1 January at oneheartforpeace blog or click here

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