Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dream One World shines a light on our path

"The best things Americans are doing around the world these days is not in dropping bombs from unmanned drones, but in helping school children in places like Uganda, Kenya, and the southern Sudan. Dream One World's current Uganda School Project is one of those. It deserves wide support."
- Pete McCloskey, Jr., 2011: Co-Founder of Earth Day, Former U.S. Congressman, Global Advisor for Dream One World

Readers, you need to see the absolutely gorgeous and cheery DREAM ONE WORLD newsletter just out for November thru December:

I'm only posting a few excerpts and photos here:

The Journey of Hope October 2011 trip to our school in Uganda and beyond was a HUGE success! (The Fantastic Four) Bill Pelke, Bill Babbitt, Charity Lee, and Randy Gardner traveled to visit our school as part of "Journey of Hope... From Violence to Healing," a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 of murder victim family members, death row family members, death row survivors, and other activists for peace and healing.

Each of the four has at least one family member that was murdered, yet they are committed to love, forgiveness, restorative justice, and ending the death penalty in America and throughout the world.

See an adorable video of that day, Facebook connection to 44 photos and JOURNEY OF HOPE VIDEO AT OUR SCHOOL! (Wait till you see the smiles of "our" kids!)

Most of the 150 children had never seen themselves on camera before - ADORABLE! We thank Bill Pelke, Bill Babbitt, Randy Gardner, Charity Lee, and our Assistant Manager of the project, Katongole Ronald, for sending us films and photographs so we could compile this short video.

(end of excerpt)

So, GO READ much more on this UPBEAT newsletter - what a labor of love! HERE

I (Connie on the blog) want to put in a little plug for Edward and his family as well...what commitment, what diligence! My husband and I have two adopted sons from Uganda - so since I met Edward on a Journey in Texas - got to see his resilience and faith close up over lots of miles - I still care deeply about his radiant life and vision, of course...and pray to find a way to do something to reach out during the coming year...

Many prayers for ongoing healing of the effects of the stroke and may you, your family and supporters all feel and receive lots of support in other ways during the coming year...if not sooner.

And as always, support THE JOURNEY -- all the folk mentioned in this post and others behind the scene. May each one know a sense of fulfillment like never before. What a beautiful committed family of love.

May each reader here also experience joy-filled, whole and holy days ahead.


CN said...

This newsletter reminded me of another African, Desmond Tutu and his new book: Made for Goodness.

Over the years the same questions get asked of Desmond Tutu, the archbishop, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and veteran of the moral movement that ended apartheid in South Africa: "How can you be so hopeful after witnessing so much evil?" "Why are you so sure goodness will triumph in the end?"

This book is his answer.

Now, more than any other time in history, our world needs this message: that we are made for goodness and it is up to us to live up to our destiny.

We recognize Archbishop Tutu from the headlines as an inspirational figure who has witnessed some of the world's most sinister moments and chosen to be an ambassador of reconciliation amid political, diplomatic, and natural disasters. Now, we get a glimpse into his personal spirituality—and a better understanding of the man behind a lifetime of good works. In this intimate and personal sharing of his heart, written with his daughter, Episcopal priest Mpho Tutu, Tutu engages his reader with touching stories from his own life, as well as grisly memories from his work in the darkest corners of the world. There, amid the darkness, he calls us to hope, to joy, and to claim the goodness that we were made for.

Tutu invites us to take on the disciplines of goodness, the practices that are key to finding fulfillment, meaning, and happiness for our lives.

Kathy Ozzard Chism said...

Thank you so much for posting this!!! Lovely...

I noticed the "HERE" link actually goes to the Dream One World website... for those that would like to read the newsletter you mentioned, this is the link:

With so much love, peace, and gratitude,
Kathy Ozzard Chism
Dream One World

CN said...

So glad you came by, Kathy...I will try to get it right next time and thanx for the tip!!!