Sunday, June 24, 2012

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This gorgeous photo is of Marietta -- the MOTHER of The Journey of Hope

(Her beauty of spirit and faith exemplifies the transcendent quality of FORGIVENESS. 
Marietta forgave the murderer and torturer of her beloved young daughter.)

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Co-Bloggers Former and Future:

Evidently several people who've been listed for years as co-blogger and writer are no longer easy to reach, able or wishing to contribute. 

Of course,  I regret this as I would otherwise be grateful for their able contributions.  

If this changes, former contributors, plz let me know:  Connie at (WITH NO OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS ADDED)


Regarding Anon. Comments:

In some rare cases we (JOURNEY family advisors and me --  Connie -- the sole blogger here)
will allow comments from anonymous sources -- depending on appropriateness of language --however we may agree or disagree with the comment.  On the other hand, it's easier for us to publish when the commenter is courageous enough to identify source. Also, we try to stay away
from anger out of control, overly dognatic statements without corroborated information and vitriolic statements which appear to be stoking unhelpful fires.

Regarding Specifically Journey Related Items:

I am in currently in touch with Bill Pelke , the founder of Journey, who is currently writing a book (which I'm sure would explain some of his silence here on this blog to most of us who write or know writers, yes?  I'm happily looking forward to getting more updates and PHOTOS from him soon so that I will be able to intelligently post his current work, thought and speaking events. This blog is gradually becoming more photo and link friendly.  Thanx for your patience!  Here's hoping you'll KEEP COMING BACK!
Robin & Friend . jpg  on the top

In the banner,  I'm next to the tall guy - one with the white hair -- on the left side of the banner is the amazing lady in the green shorts with whom I traveled TWICE in my old beat-up red minivan to Texas & made the trip lots of fun having her along...she would picnic anywhere on the ground and wanted me to listen to our GSP lady's voice (Melva?) even when she told us to take
a non-existent exit OFF a Texas bridge! She lost two children to murder -- one a son to state killing and the other, a daughter to a crime & had incredible drive, resilience and dedication to other 
families effected by the death penalty, imprisonment, execution and loss of a child through a crime.

Website and Social Media links:

I am still waiting for Go-Ahead as to when the Website is ready for linking with this blog. I appreciate that to do such work requires plenty of time, patience and in some cases, resources. So
I will wait gladly...

While I don't do FB at all, I understand that it's easy to go to some FB links without needing to be a
member -- if you'd like to do so for the information.  I am NOT currently connected with any of the writers there at Journey FB if you ARE, let me know if we're missing anything
important on this blogsite, please...

Other social/media outlets & possibilities:  I'm keenly interested in possibly hooking up this blogsite with Tweeter....let me know you suggestions.  Also, there are some new blogsite and Social media possibilities -- let me know your  experience or research.  This will probably take me until after September to make any substantial changes....let's work methodically, carefully, intelligently here...


Suggestions as to articles need to come to me directly:  Connie  (I am no longer able to receive emails adequetely at my othere gmail address, especially personal ones
requiring a reply and I do NOT receive items at my current official email if anyone would happen to send something and include the yahoo one so JUST send to the along. Thanx a lot..

WE CONTINUE TO GET PLENTY OF HITS for which we are most grateful.

HOWEVER, if you'd like to see this blogsite flourish for months and years to come, PLZ post your

Thanx so much for coming by.  May your week be especially satisfying and filled with joy, peace, friendship.


We invite you not only to peruse the following posts and archives frequently -- yet also to avail yourselves of a few unique to death penalty blogs:  Not only the latest news on the death penalty but also items on PRISONS & PREVENTION (of the need for folk to end up there, stay there, and be tortured with only punitive environments while there.) ; HELP for HEALING through personal and worldwide stories of forgiveness,  interfaith and international items on personal, family and group healing.  Plenty of items to help us understand one another and to remember the ONENESS & COMMUNITY OF US ALL.

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Hey Connie

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