Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rick Halperin from Warsaw's Stutthof Death Camp

Rick Halperin--our dear and faithful JOH friend (who teaches at Southern Methodist U in Dallas)also went to Italy for Amnesty--see his blurb below. He had this to say recently about his trip to Poland and the death camps this Christmas season, 2007--I just found my copy of his -Journey of Remembrance- from Christmas 05 and put it nearby to remind me during the holiday..These figures and the photos and your reminder staggers everything human within about extrajudicial and state executions!

Thank you, Rick, for so faithfully year after year helping us/humanity to remember~
Sending you another warm cup of tea!

--- "Halperin, Rick" wrote:

greetings from Warsaw! we spent several hours in the Stutthof death camp today...a place where 110,000 people passed through the camp during its years of operation, 1939-1945, and a place where over 85,000 of them died from the effects of the
conditions of life to which they were subjected......tomorrow we visit the sites of the old Warsaw Ghetto, the Jewish cemetery, and then to Treblinka, where 980,000 people were murdered.......more soon!

--On his trip to Italy, Rick had this to say a few weeks back: my trip was excellent----mostly in the name of Amnesty International....all for activism against the death penalty...lots of talks to (many!!) students....and some to civic groups...

Photos of Bill, Art, Rick and Italy to come...remember to look on UN & Amnesty's websites to see what's happening on Global Abolition/Moratorium! Also see what Sister Helen has been doing in Italy with the same at famous old schools! Someone please ask her to send us/our blog a personal report. Connie

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