Friday, December 28, 2007

Ron Keine at The Walls A Note on Texans

Executions take place in the historic downtown prison known as The Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas. Ron Keine spoke here at The Walls to a very intergenerational crowd during the 2007 Journey of Hope in Texas. He spent 22 months on New Mexico’s death row in the 1970s until another man confessed to the murder Keine was convicted of committing.

Find a link to Ron's JOH 2007 report on this blog at

Find another important message from Ron about "hatred in our midst" here

NOTE on Texan compassion and open-minds:

Although this editorial from The New York Times below indicates Texas is a state without pity when it comes to the number of yearly executions--we of The Journey of Hope met with many Texans in this beautiful and varied state who agree with us that the death penalty serves no just nor helpful purpose in Texas, the USA, nor the world--who held and exemplified great compassion. We met many others who were open to discussing and considering this issue. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Texas 2007 as we of JOH also did during 2005 and other times. We were enthralled with the spicy food, beautiful churches, schools, universities and the wide open landscapes--often exceptionally open minds. Two high schools were far beyond any I've ever been to in the US in encouraging deep free thought on the death penalty as on other topics. Thanks, Texas, for all the hospitality which was way beyond our expectations. We have lots to learn from you and lots to give. Connie L. Nash


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New Voices (found at Death Penalty Information Center where you can also find the end of the year report ):

“I've lived through the state's process of trying to kill [a murderer], and I can say without hesitation that it is not worth the anguish that it puts survivors through.” - Jim O'Brien of New Jersey, whose daughter was murdered in 1982

"[W]e believe the state of Texas should abandon the death penalty – because we cannot reconcile the fact that it is both imperfect and irreversible. - Editorial, The Dallas Morning News