Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A note about comments

As some of you might have noticed already we do publish all comments no matter if they are pro or against the death penalty.

However today I rejected a comment by "Anonymous" which was very distasteful, humiliating and full of bad language.

The same person left an other comment right after the fist one (before I was able to accept or reject anything) directly addressed to Connie and me. I won't publish it as a comment but I'll quote this comment here (since it's addressed to me I can do this although it's bad language) to give you an example of the comments we unfortunately sometimes get:

"ya bet you wont publish my comment you fucking bitch. how many other pro death penalty comments are you NOT publishing you fucking cunt. I honesty hope and pray someone murders you too like poor Donna Vick, and we will see how your family feels about it. You are just a waste of oxygen anyway." The author called himself "Justice is served".

I am sure that all of our readers who did have some education by their mothers and fathers agree with me that comments in a language like this don't need to get published.

And - as a note to everybody with very poor manners like the author of this comment obviousely is: If you feel like writing anything like this to us, feel free to do so. Since your level of social training seems to be this low I can't take things like this seriously and so it actually doesn't bother me at all. All it does is taking time away from you!

Naturally we'll keep publishing every comment which is written in a normal language.


PS: Since these comments which are written in such a poor language are always coming from people who are pro-death-penalty (and it's actually quite a few of these writings we receive), I sometimes wonder if people who are against the death penalty are acting with equally bad manners on pro sites.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Susanne and Connie for all of the hard work you do on the Journey of Hope blog and I am sorry that you have to read the abuse that some ignorant people write. I am glad you did not keep the post and wrote about it on the blog for those seeking to write in the future.

Since the Journey of Hope is led by murder victims family members and we do know how it feels.

The answer is love and compassion for all of humanity and we need to love this writer too who is oviously dealing with a lot of baggage.



Anonymous said...

We should not print any comment unless the author is verified. If they can not put their real name on it then we should ignore it. these last bad words sound like some bratty kid got ahold of a computer. Ron Keine