Monday, August 17, 2009

GEORGIA: New Hearing Ordered for Troy Davis!

Please read that stunningly good news, below, and forward to everyone
you know who has been worried about Troy Davis. CNN is covering this currently:
(Thanx, Bill!)

From Anna who is working hard in South Carolina to end the Death Penalty:

I've not heard that the canvassing in Savannah to encourage D.A. Chisolm to reopen the case is called off, and I don't think it should be. Please contact me if you can come to Savannah with us on Saturday, August 29!


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I have some amazing news to report! In an extremely rare order issued during their summer recess, the US Supreme Court today ordered a new hearing for Troy Davis! The court ordered a federal judge in Georgia to hear evidence (finally!!) and evaluate Davis' claims of innocence. This is what we've been fighting for, folks! More details to come soon!

Here's the legal info: here

Thanks to everyone for all your amazing work, our efforts are really
paying off!

With Tremendous Joy,
James Clark
Georgians For Alternatives to the Death Penalty

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