Wednesday, August 05, 2009

URGENT! Help Pass the NC Racial Justice Act (promises to be a model for the nation!)

Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation
Reconciliation means accepting you cannot undo the murder but you can decide how to want to live afterwards.

Dear Abolitionists in every state:

Please take a moment and help pass the NC Racial Justice Act, which promises to be a model reform bill for the country.

Please make phone calls to Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight and Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand. They need to hear from you.

It will just take a moment and all you need to say is, "I am calling to ask the Senator to support the House version of the Racial Justice Act during the concurrence vote in the Senate."

Sen. Marc Basnight: (919) 733-6854
Sen. Tony Rand: (919) 733-9892

The vote is expected to take place today during the NC Senate session today at 3 pm EST. (yet if you read this later - call anyway just in case. Often these plans are delayed.)

Yesterday the NC Senate vote on the RJA was postponed moments before it was to happen - not entirely a bad thing.

The fate of the bill has been in a whirlwind of ups and downs and changing positions.

We need you to keep the pressure on!


Beth Wood

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CN said...

Today's scheduled concurrence vote in the NC Senate on the Racial Justice Act has been rescheduled and is currently on the Senate calender for tomorrow's (Thursday's) session.

Keep up the momentum!

Senator Don Vaughan of Guilford County has begun to waiver on his commitment to concur on RJA in the Senate.

Please encourage Senator Vaughan to vote to support the NC Racial Justice Act (S461) in Senate Concurrence.

* Call Sen. Vaughan before the Senate session tomorrow afternoon: (919) 733-5856 and ask that he vote to concur on the NC Racial Justice Act (S461) tomorrow.

* Click here to follow up with an email to Senator Vaughan

Thank you for your continued support of the Racial Justice Act!

North Carolina Coalition for a Moratorium

PO Box 1008

Durham, NC 27702