Monday, February 22, 2010

Less than 200 votes needed! Plz get out the word...

Abraham J. Bonowitz and GILLES DENIZOT remind us: LESS THAN 200 VOTES NEEDED for "Abolish the Death Penalty" to be in the TOP TEN!

PLZ get out the word: here

Gilles D. Winterhuder says: Guess what... I'm doing a presentation of my Idea for Change during the World Congress! I'm not just going to the swimming pool, I'm diving right in it ;-) Let's all give him a winning report to take to the Congress with him, OK? Scroll below for more on the Congress and Bill Pelke's participation.

Just send around this URL to everyone you can think of who may sign no and a few more - slow (E) mail :) or Facebook Twitter Phone...what else is there?

I believe Gilles just had a birthday....please go to facebook and wish him a grand birthday AFTER GLOW and get out the word to your friends about this voting needed, will you?

Thanx for tuning in...


Connie L. Nash said...

Looks like it's now First Place in Human Rights Category! So let's keep the votes coming in to make it one of top ten on Change!


Dear Connie, yes "Abolish the Death Penalty" is FIRST in Human Rights category, and only 118 votes away to the Top Ten Ideas. And yes today is my birthday. And I am joyfully volunteering for the 4th World Congress, by welcoming delegations at Geneva Airport all day. And I have been offered to do a 20-minute presentation of my Idea for Change on Thursday Feb 25. Busy busy busy, but oh so happy! Thank you for the support!

Connie L. Nash said...

This is FANTASTIC! And Gilles go to the post just above to see your delightful photo which exudes the love and passion in your soul along with these magnificent words.

ENJOY your beautiful birthday occasion...what fun and what a lot to journal or post!

Stay in touch and TAKE care of yourself....which is of course partly being IN JOY!