Thursday, February 18, 2010

UPDATE: Pray for Greg Wilhoit (part of the Journey of Hope Family)

GREAT UPDATE on Greg (posted Sunday Feb 21st)

Rather than put this as a comment I felt it deserved here on top...this just in from Bill Pelke, right before he leaves for Europe:
Maybe God does answer prayers :)

Reports of Greg Wilhoit's improved condition are being called a miracle. Keep those prayers coming.

Bill Babbitt reports that Greg Wilhoit surely has blue eyes. What a joy it has been for Bill to see Greg open his eyes for a bit on Friday and then even wide open this morning. Bill is very encouraged with the improvement he has seen in the last few days, a relief for him as he prepares to go to the 4th World Congress in Geneva, Switzerland.

Lisa Rea visited with Greg on Thursday talked with Joy, the housemate of Greg who has been helping take care of Greg since his bike accident. She gave this report today to Lisa, "the tube is out, he's awake and trying to talk (unintelligible so far), able to respond to yes/no questions, producing urine (fantastic!). This AM, doctor said he's a miracle. Still a long way to go, but these are positive signs. His mom, dad, sisters are all here now."

Lisa also says it is a miracle.

Miracle or not, Greg still needs our prayers, he is not out of the woods yet. Keep him in our prayers.

I believe in miracles, I believe in God.


Our Lovable and extremely gifted brother, Greg Wilhoit, who is a death row exoneree, needs vigilent and daily - if not hourly prayer. He is in intensive care in a coma. Journey member Bill Babbit has been at his side and says Greg is getting excellent care from the hospital staff...more to follow. Perhaps you'd like to send him a message in the Comments section below and we can show Greg how much love is coming his way when he wakes up? And/or leave a message to encourage Bill Babbit and Greg's other friends and family members.

We hope to have more on HANK soon...see post just below...we MUST pull together and not let up and allow Hank go be killed by the State...


Connie L. Nash said...

Holding Greg in prayer and heart, and also giving thanks for Bill Babbitt who is offering such great support. I pray for Greg's speedy healing and recovery.

My prayers are with you (Bill Pelke and team) as you travel to Switzerland to represent us all.

With love and gratitude,

Connie L. Nash said...

Just wanted you guys to know that I saw Greg yesterday for a few hrs. Bill B. was excited because Greg 's eyes were open for a while I was there. (backed off his meds for a while) He seemed very aware of our presence. The head nurse did a chest x-ray while I was there. It was clear which is good news. Also, it appears that there is NOT brain damage, but hard to say if that is the final news on that front. But he is responsive to simple commands.

I told Greg the emails were heating up online about him and that all in the Journey of Hope, etc., were very concerned and sending him their love. I told him he better get well because we needed him!

The kidney function was a tad better yesterday, too, but still a big problem as you already know. Parents flew in last night I hear.

Best to you,

Lisa Rea