Saturday, September 04, 2010

OHIO: Kevin Keith

Kevin Keith

This is the face of man whose life (many death penalty abolitionists & moratorium activists) helped save.

"It feels like the world has stopped...Our family has gone through a lot...I'd like to thank Governor Strickland for being a just man," said Kevin's older brother Charles upon hearing the news that his younger brother would live past September 15th--that he would live to embrace his family one more time and celebrate another birthday.

Thanks to supporters and activists like you, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland spared Kevin Keith from execution yesterday.

Strickland, who is facing a tough reelection battle and was presented with an 8-0 recommendation against clemency from the Ohio Parole Board, managed to see past political ambition and expediency and summoned the courage to do what was right. He recognized that the execution of an innocent man could not be undone. He weighed his options and cast his vote for life.

This heroic decision is a reminder that committed individuals can make a difference--that each and every one of our actions matter--that one life matters. If you feel moved to thank Governor Strickland, his contact info and a sample letter are below.

Thank you for standing with us as we work to end the death penalty. Thanks to you, the tide is turning.

Stefanie Faucher
Associate Director

PS: Please consider supporting the crucial work of Death Penalty Focus. We could not do it without you.

Contact Info and Template Thank You Letter to Governor Strickland

Governor's Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6108


General Info: (614) 466-3555
Fax: (614) 466-9354

Online: here

Dear Governor Strickland,

Thank you for granting clemency to Kevin Keith.

As you noted in your commutation statement, many legitimate questions have been raised regarding the evidence in support of Mr. Keith's conviction. This evidence of innocence was never presented in its entirety before any court or jury. It would have been a tragic mistake to execute Mr. Keith when such grave doubts linger about his guilt.

This year, you demonstrated your commitment to improving the fairness and accuracy of Ohio's criminal justice system by signing into law comprehensive reform legislation to combat wrongful convictions. By granting clemency to Mr. Keith, you upheld that commitment.

I commend you for recognizing that there is no room for error when a life is at stake.


Death Pen Focus

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