Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Various Bloggers Follow Troy Davis Events

I was in process of posting when the disjointed post turned up on the Journey FB blog. :) Here's what I meant to post:

Karoli's Blog "Georgia Set to Murder Troy Davis" This blogger is passionate and well-versed - clear identity with the family - strongly stating no matter what there IS no closure... Go to here Also see Rachel Maddow Video at this site.


Sounds like just this WNC guy is a youth with some curiousity as well as plenty of empathy. So come back to see what Jason Bugg writes up. You can be sure he will get in some unique folk and angles as he pland to cover the execution (or by some miracle another stay) of Troy Davis.

After making an appeal for financial help— he says: “[W]ith this money I’ll buy gas for my car and a rather unhealthy fast food dinner for myself. Nothing frivolous at all will be happening here, I promise.”—Bugg received enough donations to justify the trip.

He’ll be covering the event through his Twitter account, as well as a later, more comprehensive post on his blog.

Here's the intro:

Tonight at around 7 PM in a city just outside of Atlanta, a man who very well might be innocent is going to be murdered by the state of Georgia. That man, Troy Davis, sits on death row and is running out of options fast.

The next eleven hours are probably going to be hell for the guy, and there’s going to be a lot of people clamoring for attention and a chance to give their opinions on the death penalty and its place in America’s Judicial System.

I don’t know if I want to be one of those people or not, but the fact of the matter is that I’m very interested in taking a trip down to Georgia and taking some photos, a few videos and talking to the people who will undoubtedly be gathered outside of the prison...

Read more now or later here

Connie's Note:

Also, you can be SURE Dr. Rick Halperin will also be covering these sobering events much later tonight in Texas as well as some other sad execution news seemingly ongoing from there. Just find his site by going to the right column of webs and blogs here on The Journey of Hope blogsite. Also be sure to check out the Journey FB blog...and COMMENT here or there.

Most of all = PRAY for everyone involved...

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