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Troy Davis: GA State Killing - Top Headline Huff Post (over 3800 comments)

September 21-22, 2011

TROY DAVIS: 10.09.1968 to 09.21.2011

Death Sentence Based On 'The Skimpiest Of Evidence'..Former FBI Chief: 'Pervasive, Persistent Doubts' About Guilt

READ: Troy Davis Executed: Controversially Convicted Inmate Maintains Innocence Until The End BY John Rudolf - National Reporter for the Huffington Post who is based in New York City. (Now with 3,831 comments and 133 pending comments)

JACKSON, Ga. -- Troy Davis, convicted of murdering an off-duty Savannah police officer more than 20 years ago, held fast to his claims of innocence even as he was finally executed by lethal injection on Wednesday night.Strapped to a gurney and minutes from death, Davis stated that he had not carried a gun the night of the murder and did not shoot the officer, Mark MacPhail, in a fast food restaurant parking lot on an August night in 1989.Speaking directly to MacPhail's brother and son, who witnessed the execution, Davis beseeched them to continue to examine the events that night. "All I can ask is that you look deep into this case so you can really find the truth," he said.Davis then addressed prison officials preparing to inject him with a lethal mix of chemicals. "May God have mercy on your souls," he said.

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Skim the many comments to follow as we who have followed this case ask: what about this solitary life and death is leading to so much conversation? What can we do to change the dynamics for others? Wherre is justice? Where is mercy? Where is healing? Where is peace?

What about a better future for our world and our children?

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Also see Wash Post's article and video with moving vignette of Troy Davis' sister (who's fighting breast cancer) standing for her brother here

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