Friday, February 03, 2012

Adult children seek mercy for dad who killed their mother

By Andy Furillo

Published: Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011 - 12:00 am | Page 1B

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Their mother was killed by their father just over a year ago. She was stabbed to death when a psychotic break triggered by his post-traumatic stress disorder put him in a delusional war zone in which she was part of an offensive launched against him.

On Wednesday, the adult children of the Laotian immigrant couple begged for mercy for their dad. Their father snapped in a panic and slaughtered his wife of more than 40 years...

There are lots of issues herein and in the comments as well which need to be addressed in our time what with the longterm effects of war and substance abuse.

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CN said...

How might we of The Journey of Hope movement and others with our mission help? How could the initiating and follow through of group discussions help? What prevention efforts do we support or know about which help to heal people wounded by such tragedies?

See within this blog a number of examples including Edward Mpagi's work in Uganda and the healing efforts of the people who joined Bill Pelke in that country recently.

Of course, Bill Pelke and friends talk about such healing efforts all over the world.

Recently, Rais Bhuiyan has also become a part of this work. His work of forgiveness and healing is getting attention in diverse places. Sometimes he works in synch with other groups in Texas and recently in a school system. He also works independently through his speaking events and his website/movement: "World Without Hate".

Readers and contributors who support Journey have many other examples. Let's talk here and on FB about how we can be even more fruitful in these works of mercy.

CN said...

How to recognize a true leader:

CN said...

I suggest you also take a look at the work of filmaker Ilan Ziv via The Execution Chronicles and Icarus Films.

See also the website: World Without Hate