Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rais Bhuiyan's Mission for a World Without Hate

Rais Bhiuyan (An American citizen who survived a confused attacker's 39 pellets, lost use of one eye and turned the man who might have been called his enemy into his friend.)

For much more see World Without Hate website here

"You have brought a wonderful opportunity for dialogue. This could very well open the door to people of all faiths, nationalities, and colors to communicate."
- S.Chambers, Canada (In support of the movement: World Without Hate)

Very Short Plea for an end to hate by Rais Bhuiyan here

Plz see this newly-uploaded YouTube Video and Presentation IANT Winter Conf-6-Rais Bhuiyan - Peace & Forgiveness here

Also see a blogpost by Reprieve member Tineke Harris here

More Comments from (World Without Hate) Supporter:

"It’s amazing, not only do I have…friends fighting to stop this but I have a lot of the Islamic community joining forces…this is bigger than me or Rais…. BUT it starts with Rais’ forgiveness…and I see this as a chance to join a lot of people from many walks of life together…to be able to Stop the Hate."
- Mark Stroman

"Your actions reflect on you as a good human being and on the ability of Islam. You are a credit to the capacity to do good. "
- A. Scheinman

"Faith demands much, but when it is real it rewards us with peace."
- L. Rivas

"And I should say that I respect you immensely for what you have done, and no doubt for what you will do. It seems strange to me that, when virtually every mother in the world teaches us compassion, so many of our mothers' children end up being taught by the government that they should cry for revenge".
- Clive Stafford Smith Director, Reprieve, UK

"We are a praying people and an action-oriented people, and our clergy have been so very moved by your leadership, depth, piety and vision. It would be the honor and pride of All Saints to have you teach to us"
- Rev. Carissa Baldwin, All Saints Church, CA, USA

"Your story brought me to tears. I am encouraged by your spirit of forgiveness and patience - and to hear there really are people in this troubled world capable of such bountiful love. Thank you for the work you do - raising awareness can be a tough slog - blessings to you and your companions"!
- Janet Leeder, Calgary, Canada

"Thank you for the way you show the world your compassion. It is so wonderful and powerful to feel it. You are a great model for me and very inspiring".
- Peter Waalkens, Neitherlands

"I am a college student studying international relations and religion at American University. I have become so moved by your story. You have demonstrated a rare kind of compassion and strength. Through this website and your interviews, people can hear your story and realize the importance of tolerance and forgiveness. My life has been changed by reading your story".
- Emily Fleitz,Ohio, USA

"Your response to a horrific situation is so inspiring. Know that you are an excellent example to millions of people".
- Kevin Michelson, Tennesy, USA

"You are the kind of person this world needs more of. I am not a spiritual believer but I do what is good in my heart and it is people like yourself that inspire me to treat my fellow man greater than I expect to be treated".
- Mathias Jonsson, Sweden

"I am humbled by your capacity to forgive... I haven’t come across many people who can forgive that way. Your attacker is an easy man to hate and yet you were able to let go of that and even fight for him to keep his life. The world needs more people like you and the few minutes I took to read the article on CNN truly would provide me with a lifetime of enlightenment".
- Katrina Matias, Philippines.

"A world without hate is the world I dream of." - R. Neal, England


Anonymous said...

We are not born with hate, we are taught to hate but we are also taught to love and to forgive. Sometimes the ones who seem to deserve forgiveness and love the least are the ones who need it the most. Anger is a dagger pointed at your own heart that you allow to kill your spirit. it takes just one person to effect a change and I applaud Rais' heart and spirit to pursue the cause of a world without hate. -Lisa, Texas.

lisa abouelela said...

God bless you.