Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Postive Update from Death Penalty Focus

I'll be honest, these past few days haven't been easy. Last week, California's Proposition 34 lost by a narrow margin at the ballot box. I know you have shared in our disappointment, but now we're dusting ourselves off and getting back to work.

Though the results were not what we hoped for, I cannot express strongly enough just how far we've come. In 1978, California reinstated the death penalty with 71% of the vote. This time, that number was less than 53%. What's more - over 4.5 million people voted to replace the death penalty! This dramatic shift in opinion happened because of the fabulous volunteers who spent so many evenings and weekends knocking on doors, calling voters, and talking to friends and family about the death penalty. You are the reason that we have changed so many minds and gained so much support. Thank you!

This campaign ended with very strong momentum, and now we must grow that momentum even more. That's why we need your continued support in this effort. We know what it takes to win, and we're ready to continue educating every person we can about the risks and costs of the death penalty. Are you in?

In solidarity,

Ana Zamora
Program Director

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