Friday, June 13, 2008

Greg Wright - A plea from his wife

Photo of Connie and Greg Wright

My name is Connie Wright; I am Gregory Wright’s wife. I come to you today to convey the heartfelt gratitude that Greg & I both feel for the outpouring of support you have all shown by signing his petition in an attempt to save his life. I have responded to many in personal emails and would prefer to continue in that manner but the show of concern has been so great that I must now do so in this way.

As you all know Greg has been given an execution date of September 9th in spite of passing a polygraph examination and of being excluded from the jeans and murder weapon used to convict him by DNA testing; this has come as a great shock to us and we must now do all within our power to save his life. For this reason I come to you with the humble request for a personal letter requesting the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles grant clemency to stop this execution from taking place so that Greg has
a chance to further prove his innocence. The Board sent one of its members to interview Greg last week so things are moving quickly and my request is of a very urgent nature.

Our dear friend and supporter Peter Bellamy has done some research on how to write an effective clemency letter which I have listed below. [Please follow the link below]

Greg’s attorney has requested in the past that we forward all letters to him for submission with the clemency appeal but at this time I do not know when the appeal will be submitted so I ask that you please forward your letters to me and I will forward them on to him at the appropriate time. Greg has also requested I forward copies to him and I will be doing that as well.

I have already forwarded him a list of those who have signed the petition and I only wish I could in turn forward you all a photograph of the look on his face when he learned of this show of overwhelming support; I can’t express enough the emotion and gratitude we both feel and a simple thank you seems nowhere near enough.

For those choosing to write letters please send them to me via email so the Board will know they are genuine; for those able to scan letters with signatures please forward via email with your letter attached. All can be sent to me at You are also welcomed to send you letter via regular mail to:

Connie Wright
P.O. Box 484
Livingston, Texas 77351

With deepest respect and gratitude to you all,

Gregory & Connie Wright

Please follow this link to instructions on clemency letter!

Please find more information about Greg Wright and his case at

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Anonymous said...

After reading this I googled Gregs website and followed the quick links to sign the petition. As soon as I write a letter to Gov. Perry, I will forward it on to you.
My thoughts are with both Greg and yourself.