Thursday, June 05, 2008

Silent Vigil in Columbia, SC

We, a few abolitionists in the Carolinas, send our concerns to those of you in Texas, Georgia and around the nation TODAY and for the rest of Week. Let's hold one another in the clear light of unity, truth, compassion and healing for all. Whether or not we do it by prayer or by simple love and goodwill for all, we each and all have it in us to rise to the occasion of this difficult sad time for so many.

Connie Nash

Execution of David Mark Hill

Silent Vigil scheduled for 7 PM, Thursday, June 5, 2008, at the Saint Thomas Moore Catholic Chapel (behind main building) on 1610 Greene Street, Columbia, SC. This vigil is open to all sides and healing prayers are for family and friends from both sides.

Silent protest at Governor's mansion is scheduled after the Thursday evening vigil.

Execution Protest Vigil scheduled to start Friday, June 6, about 5 PM in front of the Department of Corrections administration building on Broad River Road. Signs will be available after 4 PM. Execution is scheduled for 6 PM.

Anyone is welcome to participate.

David Mark Hill has requested this state assisted suicide. The state will conduct the execution as required by the laws of the State of South Carolina at 6 PM on the 6th day of June.
Please click here for information on the case of David Mark Hill.

Death Penalty Documentary: Execution Tour of NC Death Row

"Creator of us all, you promised us that nothing could separate us from your love and you asked us to mirror that perfect love for all people. Grant us the strength and courage to love all people as you love them, especially those on Death Row in SC [and specifically David Mark Hill] and the families they [he]devastated. May we be a blessing to all whose affected by violence in their grief and imprisonment, and may we learn from their experience as we seek to free South Carolina from the violence that separates us all from you." (Mrs. Julia Sibley-Jones, Yearbook of Prayer for South Carolina 2008, p.8.)

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